Friday, June 15, 2012

Tool 7: Online Digital Projects

Connecting with students from other classrooms either close by or far away will allow my students to experience classroom cultures different from our class. Having students collaborate across grade levels, subject areas and cultures broadens the possibilities for new ideas. One project I'm considering would pair up my 8th graders with the 6th graders on our campus.

Content objective:  Given Skype, 8th grade students will evaluate the results of plate tectonic activity by holding a panel discussion with 6th grade classes.

When you plan to implement:  November, 2012

What tool(s) you plan to use:  Skype, Google Docs

A brief description of the project:  Using GoogleDocs, 8th graders will create a discussion document with questions and information about tectonic plate movement. They will communicate with 6th grade classes via Skype and hold a discussion to analyze how plate movement affects Earth. All discussion will be supported by evidence.

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  1. Great idea having the 8th grades interact with the 6th grades.